If a boyfriend seems often be reserved and quiet around many of my family members does it mean I'm doing something wrong?

I hope I'm not making him feel uncomfortable around my family members. Several of them have already said ''he's quiet isn't him'' or ''I hope we didn't offend him''. Besides greeting them, smiling and answering a couple yes/no questions; he doesn't talk too much with them.

Only time he talks some more is if we're alone or he's with his closest male friends (very few). We've been dating for about 3 months now. Haven't gone further than making out; I didn't even have to stop him (he just doesn't go further).

I don't mind waiting and for the moment sounds ok; if more time passes by then I would be wondering by then. Though I don't know if this question would be too direct but I did wanted to ask sometime ago if this was the first time he ever been introduced to a girl's family or dated. It seems like it.

Not sure if I might be right about these assumptions:
- He's not used to people he's not closed to or not dating
- He's worrying about making a good impression and gets nervous
- My family members might have made him feel uncomfortable
- He just started dating and it's the first time for him
I have to say that sometimes when I make a couple of assumptions, I end up being right in at least one of them.


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  • I think your assumptions are rather all on the mark! Those are all exhibitions of a quiet and shy guy that hasn't dated or dealt with these things and is finding it difficult to adjust. Give it some time, and if things don't improve after a while, have a talk with him. Good luck!


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