One way relationship?

Hi Guys! Last Sunday my boyrfriend called me and said that our relationship does not work for him and broke up with me. He said we can be still friends. He should have told me face to face!!! But he did not even tell me why and how it does not work for him. I thought relationship need two people's efforts to make it work. It seems that he are selfish enough to think that if the relationship does not work as what he wants, he wants to throw it away... guys, am I right to think relationship needs communication and efforts? or my boyfriend is correct? I am confused...
He always does what he has been doing and I need to fit in his free time,... I have been showing him understanding... but now what? I really think he has no respect for me? GUYS, what do you think?


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  • You're right, but if he doesn't want to continue in the relationship, there's no amount of communication that's going to change his mind. It's his loss; just move on.


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