What can a shorter guy do to be amongst the most physically attractive males?

So, I'm only 5'7 or 5'8, which isn't short, but it definitely isn't tall, either. And, I'm well aware that women definitely value height for whatever reason. Anyways, I'm definitely not going to "settle" because of my height, so I'm going to need some help. I want to be able to attract the most attractive women, personality and looks wise, and I'm not settling for less at all. So, what can a guy my height do to get an edge over my 6'0+ competition in order to win over one of these women?


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  • For me, it's about the eyes and smile. Having nice facial features is more attractive than size... height or anywhere else. I've dated guys 5'5" and up. I can only use actors as references, but it's not about the money, since I can make enough for two people. I find these guys attractive:

    Daniel Radcliffe - 5'6". I would love to date him in a heartbeat.


    Hiroyuki Sanada - 5'7". He looked so good in the Last Samurai.


    James McAvoy - 5'7". This suave attractive Scotsman right here.


    Elijah Wood - 5'6". I used to have a crush on him when I was younger, and love his big blue eyes.


    Joe Dempsie - 5'7". Saw him on Game of Thrones and thought he was cute.


    Tom Cruise - 5'7". Say what you will about him, I don't care for what he does in his personal life, but he is a great actor and I think he's attractive.



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  • This is my list that works

    -Stay in shape
    -Have tight social skills
    -Dress well
    -If you see a girl you like DON'T befriend her. Give signals to her you want to bang her. (You said you didn't want t settle.)
    -Get a hair cut that goes well with your head
    -Learn to stand correctly and walk right. Many men don't learn the correct way of walking.
    -Find a hobby that takes your mind off of negativity.
    -Accept that other men WILL start with you for being a short guy. The key to beating them is NOT fist fighting them. Dominant men can destroy another guy with words.
    -Take lead..."We are going to such and such". Don't say "Would you like to go to such and such".

    This is a lot better than all those guys and girls saying "Just be confident". Truth be told confidence is work for us men.

    • This is good stuff. I want to add you might to to give off a aura of not caring. For whatever reason, girls seemto like that.

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  • Honestly, you are not short, and are taller than majority of girls. You do not have much to worry about. Also girls do not go "the taller the better" so remember that other aspects are important too.

  • - Have a nice clothing/shoes style. A guy gets major points in my book if I think his style is cute.
    - Be a friendly, kind person with a good sense of humor (i. e. have a good personality).
    - Have confidence. By confidence, I mean learn to accept and love yourself for who you are, don't be afraid to speak your mind, etc. It's really attractive when a guy is very secure with himself, although I know it can be a hard thing to fully achieve.
    - Work out and stay fit. Not only does this help in the aesthetic sense, but also in the mental sense, since exercise helps release those happy endorphins and raise self-esteem. Double bonus. :)
    - Have some sort of passion for something. It could be anything -- going on runs, hiking, a sport, an instrument, writing, reading, drawing, your studies, etc.

  • Have confidence and be yourselfâ˜ș!


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  • Have lots of money and you should be fine


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