How would you respond if your boyfriend or girlfriend said this?

Im taking a yr off from college to see if I can find a steady job that I can live off without having to attend a school for 2-4 years. my girlfriend has responded to me saying this by persistently saying I don't want you to be a loser so you should go to college. I was secretly extremely pissed that she said that and am wondering if I should have been as mad as I was. I never expressed my anger though.
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  • She just wants you to do college so you can get a better good job. She loves you enough want you to stay in school.


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  • She disrespected you, plus she was very unsupportive of your decision. I would have been mad as well.

    • Seriously Maybe she wanted him to go to college so he can get a better job for him.
      Of course he told her after he already left. So it's like he made is mind up. Why would he dropout of college that just doesn't seem right

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    • Oh sorry I didn't know that well good luck with her

    • @SweetSweetheart32 it's fine lls I didn't clearly state my plans

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  • It sounds like her feelings for you are not genuine.

  • It's your life, you can do what ever you want.


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