I got cheated on but stupidly lie about him (in anger) what now?

Ok so I got cheated on. Instead of moving on after breaking up, I stupidly made up a lie about a type of serious matter (something you're not suppose to even joke about) to a couple family members.

Things has gotten kind of out of control to the point they think I'm not safe and recently had to stop someone from going after my ex. If only they knew I made it all up because I was upset and felt humiliated when he cheated.
I admit that at the moment, it felt good receiving all the attention and their concern for my safety but it's all a lie a made up about him. He only cheated but he's not the type I would be afraid of. They think of the worst all because I lie.


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  • so you cheated, and then he left you? and you made up a lie about him?
    You sound like the kind of girl to worm your way out of all problems.

    but that aside, you can't "ease2 your way out of this. Come clean, and be honest. Yes, you'll get flak for it, but you deserve it too. So just admit to making up the lie, and stop ruining his life; not only did you cheat on him, but you further hurt him with this lie.

    • I will come open as of later on today or tomorrow. I just wanted to get even with him after he cheated (didn't even show remorse... instead left me for the other girl) but didn't realize things would get this far to the point someone wanted to go to my ex's house and fight him.
      To them... they think he's a stalker and abuser.

    • I didn't cheat. He did.

    • why even get back at a cheater? all you should do is dump the person, and never look back.

      And wtf is it with you girls and revenge? It's mosty girls posting about evenge on a cheatung ex here...

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  • forget about him!


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  • It's time to come clean and possibly limit the number of damaged you've done to yourself lying about the situation. I know it's easier said than done, but you've gotta salvage whatever is left, otherwise forget about them, make new friends or something

    • yes, I will. I didn't realize what I wanted to do to get even at first would turn out serious. They now think of him as a stalker and abuser... didn't mean for it to get that way.

  • so can we hear the full story or are we supposed to say he's a dick?

    • He only cheated but I elaborated a lie to a couple of my family members about him stalking me and how we had an altercation and how I was scared of him (total lie).

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    • @Asker How is it supposed to get back at him?

    • by making it up that he was stalking me and also about having a terrible altercation (I was trying to imagine a scene of a very scared woman and an abusive boyfriend and basically starting going on from there).

  • You lost all sympathy I could've had for you.

  • You have to come clean

    • I will. The disappointment and anger they will be once I admit to lying to the stalking and imaginary altercation.

    • My girlfriend and I were discussing how a little white lie can snowball today and how in Gods eyes its a sin with the same punishment as genocide

    • only it wasn't just a little lie... it was a total lie. I realize I overdid it when someone almost wanted to come after him.

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