Had a bad experience... Should we work this out?

I invited this guy I started dating to a party being held at my university. We both started drinking - I had 3 shots and some beer while he drank 2 pints of beer. He was being a little aggressive and smug which turned me off and surprised me because he was always respectful and quiet. Then as the night went on, he took the water bottle I was drinking and threw it away from me telling me I had to stay drunk. This made me feel uncomfortable bc I didn't know if he was trying to take advantage of me. I ended up leaving him alone on campus which he didn't know very well and we got into a very big argument over this. He said he wished I told him how I felt about his behavior instead of leaving him alone bc he would have changed it. Do you think he was genuinely trying to take advantage of me or was he just being a drunken idiot?


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  • he was just drunk.


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