So there's this guy?

yes his name is Ross hah... and i am not even sure if he likes me... he hardly responds to text messages but when we talk in person its a little different it's hard to get a word out of him sometimes but i convinced him to come to the fair if that has any brownie points haha, but he would hardly talk to me and we were with a group of friends, he would talk to them but not me like he was advoiding me or something :/. He got a little more talkative throughout the night but I still feel like he was advoiding to talk to me.. and sometimes when we were talking he'd be smiling, laughing and blushing? (I wasn't sure it was dark out). I really like him it's just I am not sure whether to purusue him or just let him be... It's hard not to be clingly when he doesn't text back.. I don't even know how to get him to text back.. And today (day after hanging out) I texted him just sayin hey... and he never responded but later that night I saw him at a house warming party for a close friend of ours... and he advoided me AGAIN.. he knew I was there.. but he was in his own little world, finally, I got his attention, and he just smiled and waved... like ughhhh... what do i do?
So there's this guy....?


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  • He's just not into you...


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