I am out of ideas any idea on how to get to her?

she's pretty and works at a supermarker ( cashier ) she showed some serious interest in me the three times i've been there and she saw me /interacted with me , i've been to that supermarket more than 6-7 in a few weeks , i keep going there to meet her and she's either not there or her line is busy so i get frustrated and leave with my friends , its a busy place , can't just go to her and speak to her not to mention her two managers are always at the registers , i just need her name and nothing more i want a way to ask her for her name without it sounding weird or me going out of my way especially in a public place like that , any ideas? i want to do it myself dont want anyone else asking her i want to ask her face to face.


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  • Just ask her next time you see her, anything more elaborately planned may come off weird and creepy if she thinks you've gone to some effort. Plus you never know she might have a boyfriend and then it could be awkward everytime you see her so just play it cool! Good luck


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