Blind date/ getting bass lessons from same girl?

so here's the deal. my dad has this employees my age (20/21) and she's really good looking about a 7 1/2 on a scale of 1 to 10. he told me that she teaches bass (I'm only just learning) and that shed do lessons for $15. my dad also asked her if she's got a boyfriend she said she was seeing a guy but that he's off to Iraq, and he asked her again if she's got a bf, and she's like ehh. not really. he then showed her a pic of me. and she said I'm OK. but I wasn't around so I couldn't exactly hear HOW she said it. so my thinking is that she's thinking that not only do I want to get the lessons from her but also well. you know. "get to know her" ya know.

so my question is. how do I go about this? should I try anything or should I keep it strictly lessons? etc.. I need opinions

i guess you could say this is a blind date/blind business transaction. if you want to be technical


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  • How can you rate a girl a 7 and a half? What is your rating scheme? As for the other stuff, I would keep it strictly a lesson. If she wanted to go on a blind date with you she would go on After you do the lesson though and she wants to "get to know you" then take it to the next level. You should know if she wants to know you more.

    • Oh btw my dad gave her the 7. 5 I haven't actually seen her. wtf does have to do with this. are you plugging? and ok

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    • You are a really nice guy :)

    • Aww, really?, I don't usually get that. but why do you say it? after all you can't say something without proving it

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  • Bro i can teach you how to play bass for free.

    If you're looking to expand your skills and genre playing i have a free website thats easy to use has hundreds of tabs and bass lessons you can download for free.

    You can even email me if you have questions about anything bass guitar related