You have been secertly been talking to 2 different girls or guys who you would consider dating but have not yet made the move, but then you meet them?

So you are at some social event and 2 of the girls or guys you like are going to attend, they do not know each other. You are talking to one of them and then the other approaches and says hi. What do you do then?
  • Just introduce each of them as friends
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  • Tell them you like both of them
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  • Ask them which one wants you more
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  • Run away
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  • Try to not get them to talk to each other or meet.
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  • other
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  • Id' introduce them as friends. No moves = no relationship = no reason to feel embarrassed at them meeting one another.


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  • Own up to it or run away..

  • Introduce them then leave them with each other..

  • At that point the cat's kinda outta the bag so I would have to be honest and say I like both. Then what will happen. Who the fuck knows?


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