Girls, First Date?

Hello Ladies,

I try keep it short and sweet
yesterday i was dating a 30 yo woman from my point of view it was positive date, most of the date she was talking to me and playing with her hair a lot. she shows interest discussion touched me by mistken, and i touched her back she didn't show any rejection. the date was around 3 hours
we drink and after she offer to eat somthing and we went to eat
during the onversation i subtext that i like her, we finish our meal and we walk to her car, she offer me a gum, she gave me hug with a cheek kiss, and bye. i mentioned before she get into the car that i will happy to catch again she smile.

i text her after the date thank you for the evening tonight, and have good night
she reply back 'thank you for everything have a good night' and here i am stuck
to call or sms her, I dont have any clue what she is thinking, and i dont want be a stalker or a leech hate these games i would like to know where the wind is blowing...

should i wait day or two?

any suggestion will be help



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  • It sounds like she is interested. I would definitely message or call her the next day. When a guy contacts me the next day then I know he likes me.

    • I what's-app her next day around 15:00 just simple text 'what's up? is all good?' she read it but didn't reply back.
      bit weird she should do the move, or me by calling?

      thank you

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