How long before I contact him, if I do?

This guy at work (let's call him jake) who is extremely out going &kind of full of himself has asked me out multiple times & asked me why I won't go on a date with him & I've always told him I don't date my coworkers bc its inappropriate. I always wondered in the back of my mind if he was messing with me bc he would tell other guys (in front of me) how I would always reject him & laugh it off. One day came to me telling me he was soon leaving, meaning we wouldn't be coworkers anymore & asked me again & I just laughed. Then 2 months later he's back & continues to flirt but doesn't ask me out anymore just makes comments like "yeah you just like to keep people waiting" but he never is rude about it he just laughs it off. There's been rumors about another coworker (joe) & I dating bc we went out. We keep having to tell people we aren't dating & blah blah but everyone keeps teasing us & so does jake. We were talking about it today & jake starts telling Joe about how he's asked me out a few times & I won't go out with him. We keep talking & joking around, getting along for the first time without me annoyed bc he keeps asking why why &why! He starts telling me again that he'll be leaving in two weeks & won't be coming back & I joke that he better not bc if we dated itd be annoying to see him at work too. At the end of the night when I'm saying bye to everyone he reminds me that he'll be leaving in two weeks &pulls out a folded up piece of paper& hands it to me, he said something else but I zoned out wondering whether I should be the cold bitch I usually am & not take it or take it & not know what to do after. So I took the paper & we both laughed & I just held it in my hand for a bit not paying much attention &when I got to my car, doubting whether he really wrote his number in it or not, I check & his. number is really there lol so now I dont know if I should text him or not. I always thought he was stuck up but the other guys say he's really nice & dont agree w what I think


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  • You kind of sound like you are not interested so maybe don't call him back at all. If you are interested, then wait until after he has left the company.

    • I forgot to mention that I had a little crush on him before he even noticed me and I think that's why I doubted if he was being serious or just messing with me. I think he kind of just intimidates me

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    • If I had any thoughts of even texting him, those thoughts are long gone. I'm just disturbed. & I always catch him looking at me and he just looks away

    • Well here's the thing, assuming you overheard what he thought was a private conversation then you unfortunately got a piece of what guys say amongst themselves. One one hand, you should walk away knowing that he found you physically attractive or he wouldn't be saying that. I'm sure it bugs him cause he doesn't know why you are now turned off. Pretty much most guys are initially drawn to a girl because they are attracted to their physical attributes. It doesn't necessarily mean they are just trying to play you. I've said stuff like this about girls amongst my buddies and I'm no player. That being said, you are probably right to not contact him now. Poor judgment has cost him an opportunity to spend some time with a nice girl. Walk away knowing a guy you thought was crazy handsome thought you were very pretty and find a guy that's more respectful, that you are comfortable with.

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