Starting to get feelings for a friend and have no clue what I should do. Please assist me in this state of confusion?

Some background:
I'm nine'teen and have a dilemma at hand. I have been hanging out with this girl and two other friends for about a month. As a group we hangout about four to five times a week.
A couple weeks ago I realized I may have feelings for this girl who is in the group. The other day we spent our first day chilling just us, and that is when my thoughts were confirmed. Since then I can't stop thinking about her, no matter what I am doing she is on my mind. Whenever I see her I'm struck by how beautiful she is. It's to the point that if the groups plans fall through, I am just sad I will not be seeing her that night.

The situation really sucks because I can't pick up her body signals. So she could feel nothing similar towards me. She honestly means a lot to me, and I don't want to lose her. I just don't know what to do...

I could tell her how I feel and risk losing that group (which I also care about) as well as her friendship, or just keep my mouth shut.

Any help is appreciated, truly lost right now.

Still didn't tell her, I feel like she wouldn't feel the same way..


Most Helpful Girl

  • Personally I think you should tell her. From your story I understand you haven't been hanging out as a group that long and the sooner you try to get out of the friendzone the better in my opinion. You don't have to declare your eternal love, just ask her out on a date :)


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