Is a romantic novel with characters aged 15 okay?

I want to write a simple story on the love story between a 15 year old boy and girl. What i have thought is that the book will be a light romance with a few kisses. Do you think people will be interested in reading a book which has teens kissing? Will you like to read a book like that?


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  • I think children below the age of fifteen will like that. I remember that when I was a kid I was always interested in stories about characters a few years older than me. I don't know why maybe it has something to do with the fact that children always look up to people who are a few years older and want to identify with them, and when you read a book you also want to identify with the characters.


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  • Of course it's OK. It would be a great book for teenagers


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  • I usually read books with characers that are 17+

    I can't relate to/connect with characters otherwise.

    But teens will read it.


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