When to ask a girl out?


I've recently started to become more confident at asking girls out for a date, but so far I think my inexperienced is letting me down. When I meet a girl, if I like her and I find her attractive, and I think she's single, I'll ask her usually within the same day of this. She normally says she has a boyfriend and thus declines my offer of going out with me. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm asking too soon and I need to build myself up to that point of asking, getting to know her and vice versa, or I'm just asking girls who all happen to be dating.

Any feedback on what I'm doing or where I'm going wrong?

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  • Your asking too soon. What you need to do is make them feel comfortable around you. Build a little trust between you both, then ask. If you ask straight away they don't know what your like, you could be a maniac, they don't know. So yeah, build trust, then ask them on a date.


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