It seemed to be going well with her but now she hasn't responded?

Met this girl about 5 months ago at one of my internships, got to know her well about 2 months ago, we have a lot of common interest and get along very well.

She asked for my number and has shown various signs of interest and so have I to her.

I start school back up again and found a new job so I will only see her once a week now for a short time, so 2 days ago when I was with her in person decided to ask her if she would like to grab lunch with me, she has 2 jobs and is extremely busy, I work and have school full time so I know free time is valuable, She lives about 30-40 minutes away and she said we could meet halfway, I said I dont mind driving to her. She said this Sunday might work but told me to text her regardless and we could set something up.

So I did and it turns out she works for most of the said day and had to go out with her mother and aunt beforehand in the morning. No problem so I then asked her if she had any days off this week, so I could check my schedule and see if I was free and set something up and she never responded after that.

Honestly its been over 12 hours and she hasn't got back to me so I doubt she will now, should I just drop this whole thing all together. She seemed like a pretty cool girl so I was willing to put in the effort and still am, but if she was truly interested she would be willing to at least grab a quick lunch right? she's told before this happened that her second job is seasonal and will have a lot more free time after this month ends.


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