How to stop worrying about this?

i like this guy and he likes me but we're taking it slow so nothing serious yet. He has this friend that's a girl And they meet up more and do more stuff together and they are in more classes and I sometimes get really upset because I feel like he's going to stop liking me for her. They're really close friends and 2 years back liked eachother in that way. He's made it clear to my friend and me that he doesn't like her at all in that way. My friend spoke to him and he told her "there's nothing going on between us". But it just seems like it and I get so paranoid that he will stop liking me even if it's not for her but he just will anyway. :(


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  • EEh, this is a tough one for sure. I would say that it's okay now, but I definetly see why you are worried. Does he treat you well? Is he considerate, and most of all, is he serious? If he is ready to date, I say go for it. If he just wants to keep an awkward friend with benefits (code word for no responsibiliy) then move on.

    The thing that will make you stop worrying is by changing the way you look at it. You are the one who is going to be choosy. You are the one that has high standards. Don't worry abou him dumping you, you should be ready to dump him if he crosses that line. Thinking like that will help you be much more secure. You are you, and you are awesome, see? You shouldn't wait for this guy to come and make you whole, you are already good. So in short, believe in yourself! Have high standards, and let him know what you will and will not tolerate. And stick with it!

    I hope that helped you some. I sense you may have some confidence issues, and that is the biggest thing here. Just don't let this guy define you, maybe you don't even let him date you if things are bothering you already! You know him better than me. Playing hard to get, let me tell you from my side, it works! Best of luck and feel free to message me if you have any more questions or need to talk.


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