Guys, Are Shy bookworm tall girls attractive?

I'm a very shy person. when i first talk to people i truggle but usually open up later on. I have a few very close friends and a bunch of people i know very well but their guys, im not very comfotable around guys. I love reading novals, a bit of manga but not much.

physically: I'm tall, 5.7feet. relatively thin, (in my opion stretched) but my friends disagree. i have dark natural blonde hair (should length) with a few curls. and hazel eyes, (one thing i like about myself.)

When I'm nervious i tend to babble, When im overly happy i become really bouncy, if im down. you can tell. my emotions are very much on show. I like to play sports although im not very fit or strong, or skilled. I like bench ball, basketball, tennis, swimming, aorobics, football (love playing football) and some cricket.
Guys, Are Shy bookworm tall girls attractive?
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