Which option should I go with in this situation?

So there's this girl that I'm very much interested in. I met her once and had some minor conversation and she seemed pretty cool and she's very cute. Now I might see her again soon. Should I ask her to just hang out and get lunch or coffee together or should I just straight up ask her on a date? I don't know if she likes me so I almost wanna just hang out and get to know her first and see the chemistry first and see how she interacts around me first. But one of my friends said I need to ask her on a date to make my intentions clear since I'm already interested.


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  • It seems like you've already chosen to hang out so why not do that and do a chemistry check whilst chilling with her?

    • So hang out with her first and if it goes well then ask her on a date?

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    • Would it weird her out? One of my friends said that she's gonna be like "why is he hanging out with me?" Especially since we're not like super close or anything?

    • You like this girl = yes
      You want to get to know her better = yes
      How? You gotta take a step somewhere along the line.

      It may very well weird her out but you can just say I know we haven't had much time together but I really did enjoy the time we have spent together so I thought it might be nice to get a coffee together. When are you free and we chill for a bit?

      You're making it complicated methinks.

  • I think you should ask her out on a date to make your intentions clear after all if there's no chemistry and the date was terrible you could always just end it there but if you ask her just to hang out she might think of you as a friend and later if you ask her out it would be weird for her to look at you like that.


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