Girls, is it true there are no game (confidence game) to get a girlfriend, do I have to be a handsome?

if girls like guys based on looks, is it true i am single is not my fault, i have to look in a certain way girls to like me?


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  • No a girl should like you for "you" NOT who you "pretend" to be just to satisfy her standards. If she doesn't appreciate you then she doesn't deserve a good and handsome guy like you☺. Good luck☺!

    • i mean is it about looks and the a. k. a. the game (confidence) is BS?

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    • everything that attract girls in guys

    • A good and positive personality/mindset, pretty eyes, being yourself, having a good sense of humor, sharing some of the same interest, being able to communicate well, enjoying each other's company, his laugh, the way he smiles at her, and etc.☺.

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