What is the acceptable way guys can check out a girl and not make the girl uncomfortable?

I just hear all these sad stories of guys being called creeps and i just want guys to be able to read this and learn. So hopefully we can get a lot of girl to give us their opinion.
Im kind of sad this didn't get a lot of responses, thought this was a good question.


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  • If a guy is charming and cute (yes I know it's fucked up) girls won't think he's a creep, but also don't just straight up stare for a long time. Just a subtle glance and if they catch you looking and say anything just comment on how you were admiring their shirt or shoes or something. A compliment will fix the situation. Also if they think it's weird you were admiring an item of clothing or something say that it's because you're trying to figure out what to buy your younger sister for her birthday and that what they are wearing looked perfect, then ask them where they got it.

    • Why can't we just say that we think she's beautiful and we were daydreaming about her? I mean, it's actually the truth. You'd think that girls would've wisened up by now. Can't a girl just be happy that men find her attractive and dream of being with her? It would be so much simpler. The girl doesn't have to be creeped out unless the guy is being forceful or something. I mean, no matter how creepy you think it is, it will still happen. You can't control people's thoughts. Why be concerned about things you have no control on?

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    • "What i always do is just look up and then down and then kind of nod my head if she is cute."

      I'd be uncomfortable if I noticed that. Before you rebut, let me put it this way - I can't control your actions anymore than you can control my reaction. As long as you don't touch (or harass, according to the law) it's fair game. Just know that, if you don't practice discretion, you could turn someone off for a reason that didn't need to happen. Know what I mean?

      By the way, @Anonymous 's answer is fantastic and exactly what you're looking for, I think.

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  • If a guy keeps it innocuous or, if she notices, he keeps his eyes looking from the neck up^^^^^^ :)


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  • The key is to glance, don't stare.

    Any look over 2.5 seconds is a stare and not a "look" anymore.


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