Can we be only friends if we are attracted to each other?

being friedns, while both are obviously attracted to each other? (due to other circumstances not possible to be together)?


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  • You can only 'pretend' to be friends.

    • that's how I see it as well... but he honestly thinks we can be "friends" while he is attracted to me.. i dont think it will work, but if we try hard?

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    • If there is absolutely no way for you to be together, then yeah, just end it.

    • well not at the moment... but i can live with it. I would like to stay in touch

What Girls Said 1

  • I have the same problem at the moment and I am afraid, that it is hard JUST to stay friends… but you can try to friends until the circumstances have changed… That is, if they can change

    • i told him that i can't be friends... but i want to try it at least as i have started seeing someone and i will be distracted from him...

    • i am afraid they will never change, but i kind of accepted it and don't hope for it as i kind of moved on...

    • It's good to be friends especially if you were good friends before anything happened between you two. I believe that it is worth a try.

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