Guys, I want a relationship and just don't know how to go about this?

Im in college, so its already hard enough to find good guys. I dont know how to find guys in a good setting or show a guy that im interested. I just feel so hopeless for our generation because i feel like guys aren't wanting relationships and girls are allowing guys to just have the best of both worlds and have drunk sex with random people. When im drunk i can't help but makeout and whatever with random guys too. I wake up the next day hating myself and then go on about it again a few days later next time i drink. I want to change and find a good guy, but at the same time I've kinda lost hope in me ever finding a guy. Im also worried i will never get married


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  • Well, you are still very young and the guys in particular are still growing up so its not that they just wanna be jackasses all the time, but they are still learning about themselves just like you. If you don't like the drinking scene, then stop and live to the standard you expect from any guy.

    really, you don't sound like you are happy with yourself so work on that cause if you can't be happy with yourself, a guy isn't going to fix that for you.

    There are all kinds of scenes around that have nothing to do with drinking so go get involved with those, professional clubs, hobby clubs, singles groups, political orgs, you name it. The guy that is going to get in a relationship and be respectful about it are the ones that are working on life goals. They may drink to, but it won't be their primary means of existence. Change your scene, look around and you will have the opportunity to change your outlook.


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