Is a couple months too soon to meet out of state family?

I've been dating my boyfriend for three months and we've been official for two. His grandma just called saying her and his grandpa are coming up here (from Mississippi) tomorrow and want to see him Tuesday.
His grandma has added me on Facebook (she requested) and since she's out of state and doesn't come up here often, I thought he might ask if I want to meet them. I do understand that we've only been dating a couple months but he tells me that he really likes me, cares about me a lot and sees potential for us.
I've been feeling a little sensitive lately, so should I be hurt he didn't ask or is it too soon? When is usually a good time frame?


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  • If you have his grandmother on facebook and she requested you, she will expect to meet you.

    Don't worry too much, men are poor at this sort of thing, they put less emphasise on social interaction than women do.

    If you want to meet them, tell him so. Chances are, he thinks you don't want to meet them. But you need to be there, as I assure you his grandmother will be disappointed not to see you.

    How old are you both?

    • I'm 21 and he's 25

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    • Just like an hour after I posted this, he told me that he wanted me to come to dinner and meet them, so I'm excited!
      Guess I was just worrying!

    • Hope you have a great day and thank you for the MHO

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  • It's a 50/50 with woman. They get hurt if you do or don't. He is just trying to include you because he cares about you.


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  • its not too soon!

  • its not too soon.


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