Break up or make up?

I wanted to get married within the next year or two. He agreed with me at the time and now I guess he changed his mind bc he's telling me I'm making it up (the fact that he agreed to it). It's been a year since we've been together and he says he's sick of me acting crazy. He says some days I'm perfect and that he wants to marry me but other days I act crazy and I'm driving him insane. Some days being when I'm acting happy and being carefree. Other days being the days I'm upset and expressing my concerns about my age and the fact that he lied about being on the same page with me. I've already been with him for a year and I've fallen in love with him but seeing that he changes his words and then calls me crazy for calling him out on things he said, makes me wonder if I should end the relationship. Also I've caught him snooping around girls' photo albums on social networking sights. Although he's never cheated on me, the fact that he has to go around looking through other girls' pictures disturbs me. It's more of a disgusted feeling rather than jealousy. I don't know if I can trust someone like that. What do you guys think?


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  • I'm going through something similar, so I understand where your coming from. I recently stepped away from someone, because of these exact feelings that you're expressing. You shouldn't have to fee bad for showing emotion, or be berated for expressing your unhappiness about something. Especially when you know that you are coming from a positive place, and not trying to nag. After a year, I think this is when you're starting to see his true colors, and if these are it, then you shouldn't want them. Nothing is bad about knowing what you want. It's bad when you're feeling guilty or feeling like its your fault for it.


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