When will many average and below average looking people that ONLY go after people more attractive than them realize it is not a smart idea?

Nothing is wrong with average looking going after attractive people but if they ONLY go after them that is a bad idea. Same thing goes with below average looking people. Nothing is wrong with them going after average looking or attractive people but ONLY going after them is a bad idea.


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  • When will people stop worrying about what other people are doing?

    • I am trying to help people not get hurt

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  • Manuel you are flat wrong in your post ! I think anyone should pursue whoever may interest them. How many times have you a hot girl with an average Joe? I have many, many times. Granted they will get rejected and it's hard to deal with. But your
    question is completely and utterly out of line.

    • I never said it doesn't happen, have you noticed how most people stick with people in their own attractiveness level? Most of the time they only ask them out because they will get less rejection than trying the other way

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    • Manuel that maybe. But we both know, the heart wants what the heart wants. And damn
      the consequences.

    • I get what you are saying but most people stick to people equally attractive to them.

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  • People shouldn't have to lower their standards. It's not dumb to go after someone you find attractive.

    • I agree, but they will get rejected like 400 times before someone that is more attractive than them accepts them. I never said for them to only go after people in their same attractiveness level, I said if they only go after people that are more attractive than them than that is a bad idea.

  • When they get rejected enough times. :P

    • People are taking what I am saying the wrong way. I am not a messed up person at all.

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  • When will the average person come to realize that there is more to love than looks?

    • I agree dude, but that is not how most people think unfortunately.

    • Well, I mean that both ways. For every one person who "settles" for someone less attractive than they are, there is someone who is dating "out of their league".

    • What?

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