Girls: Explain to me the girlmind on flings vs fulfilling, meaningful, loving, romantic relationships - if you would be such a dear - =) - ?

What is your need for a loving, fulfilling, meaningful *romantic* ("true love") relationship versus 'catching a dick,' females of GirlsAskGuys?

Apples to apples? Or are there real differences between them.

& what is your need for such a loving, fulfilling, meaningful, romantic *true love* type relationship versus the being-used-for-sex -- or the *feeling-you-are-being-used-for-sex* "fling?"

Thank you =)


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  • Fling = have sex, no emotional ties, once both parties are sexual satisfied there is no concern for the other's well being. People may want this type of relationship because they get to gain as much sexual experience as possible and meet and sleep with as many people without the head aches of a lasting relationship.

    Meaningful loving relationship = sex with emotional ties, both parties care for each other beyond the act and see a future which involves the other. People may want this relationship because they're looking to settle down. They want to start a family with the other person and want to feel the security and comfort in knowing that another person accepts them no matter what (this is an ideal though)


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