What should I do?

I have a crush on her and various other factors have led me to believe that she likes me too. She was really very close to me before, but suddenly she has stopped talking to me. I mean that we have those constant hi and bye talks, but nothing like the conversations we had before. What do you think I should do? What is she trying to do?


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  • It's hard to say exactly what's going through another person's mind.

    I don't know why she suddenly went cold on you.
    All you can do is try to start striking up conversation with her again and see where it leads.
    Take a more aggressive approach and ask for her number so you both can hang out sometime.

    If she grows cold again in her actions, then she probably never really liked you.
    Some people show mixed signals to lead others to believe something that isn't true.

    • Everybody around me say that she is just trying to grab my attention and i should also act as if I dont care. But its impossible for me to do so...
      I have her number, we have hung out together and I have also put my head on her lap and talked to her. She didn't seem to mind. This sudden change is hurting me and i dont like it at all

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    • Ok... I will do as you say. Thanks a lot :D

    • No problem. <3 Best wishes

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