I feel weird flirting with her when im not in love with her?

Let me just say this 1st im not commited to anyone so its not cheating but

I've been flirting with this girl for awhile, she flirts with a bunch of other guys and she doesn't hesitate to brag about doing it. Recently i met this girl and i've some what fell in love with her but were not dating or anything just friends. While i was talking to the girl i fel in love with, the girl who flirts with any guy (just ask and she'l even sext you) she messaged me and started flirting.

I didn't want to flirt back but i didn't want to ignore her so i flirted back, not as much as i used to
and i felt weird like i was cheating but i'm not actually committed to anyone,

Should i feel this way? it feels like im going behind the other girls back but we havn't even talked about the dating subject.


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  • Just ignore her then. It's not hard to avoid someone. Also, you have the right to feel that way.


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