She answeres my texts everyday, am I overreacting? We hadouur sexual experience and she won't talk to me?

So I just had sex with this girl for the first time. She said she could obviously tell it was my first time but it wasn't a disaster. She seemed very disconnected before and after. During however everything seemed normal. Today I said good morning like I always do but I haven't heard from her all day. She always responds and now I don't know what's wrong. We've been dating for about a month and a half. I really enjoyed it yesterday but don't know why she isn't responding. I'm new to this as a whole. Is this normal? What do I do I'm so confused?


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  • She might be regretting having sex with you. There are a few things that could be going through her head (and I'll be completely honest):

    •She regrets sex with you because you didn't treat her right after (this one I don't think is the case since you said good morning and treated her like normal).
    •She regrets sex with you because she feels ashamed of her actions
    •She regrets sex with you because she's crazy and you didn't do what she wanted you to so it's your fault

    There are numbers of reasons, but you can tell where this is going. I'm honestly thinking that she is ashamed of her actions (not because she didn't want sex, but her reputation wise. no girl wants to look dirty).

    As for what to do... I would be there for her. Ask her directly, comfort her that its okay, and focus your relationship. Make sure that she still feels emotionally attached with you as she did before you had sex. It'll be difficult, but you just need to go for it. It may be awkward, but if you don't do this, it will be even more awkward.


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  • Maybe she hasn't fully taken what just happened into "full" effect. I don't think it's you honestly. It may mean she just needs a minute to analyze what just happened; who knows maybe you were THAT good to leave her speechless and dumbfounded☺😉!


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