I'm dating a guy right now but I'm getting mixed signals. Am I overreacting?

I've been dating this guy for three weeks and I'm just thinking the worst. I have asked him if he is interested in me just to get that out of the way and he keeps saying yes but then I notice that he doesn't really ask me questions and his dating profile is still active. He hasn't really texted me this weekend because he is with his family. I'm always thinking of the worst. I now think he is giving mixed signals. Am I just worrying too much?


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  • He doesn't sound super interested to me, but some guys can be standoffish until you've been dating longer. Also, I'm assuming you guys aren't official or exclusive yet, so I wouldn't worry about the dating profile at the moment.

    My current boyfriend and I met online and dated for about 3 to 4 weeks before becoming exclusive and official and while we were only dating each other, he still had an active profile until we were officially in a relationship.

    • Thanks, he text me this morning a long message saying why he is interested in me. He always sends me long messages if I start questioning his interest in me. I will just give him a chance I guess.

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  • Based on his actions you mentioned he doesn't seem that interested

  • THIS ISN'T MIXED SIGNALS. You sound controlling.


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