Guys, Is it really a case of bad timing?

I have met SO many guys that claim that I'm wife material but are not at that point in their life to date one woman let alone get married. A lot of these guys even try to keep me around while they have sex with easy girls so that when they are ready to get married I'll just be waiting there for him. A big reason that guys claim that they couldn't date me at this age is due to my decision to wait until marriage but I do have a lot of other wifey qualities exp. smart, beautiful, hardworking, loving, caring, etc. My question is, is this really a case of "bad timing" or are these guys just trying to keep me around until they find someone better?


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  • I think these guys want the best of both worlds. They want to have sex with other girls (perhaps it would be different if you had sex with them), but could see you as a girl to settle down with and with the bonus that they'll be the only one you've ever been with.


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