Why stop being friends with me because I tell you I liked you?

I've been friends with this guy for over a year now and we got pretty close. We text, we joke, we are each other's shoulder to cry on. I'm friends with him because he is super-smart, funny, creative, eccentric, a loner (like me), and whimsical.

Within the past month and half he started flirting with me like: compliments on my breast, paying for lunches, holding my hand. Recently I told him I USED to like him ... but I think he misinterpreted it as "I like you." ... Ever since then, he stopped all sorts of contact to me except for poking me on Facebook.

I'm pretty sure he got the wrong message. I DO NOT want anything from him, like a relationship, because he is such a great guy FRIEND. Why did he stop talking to me? ... and how do I let him know what I really think?


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  • If he does like you, he might be beating himself up because effectively it sounds like he's missed his chance. That will not sit well with him if he likes you back and might take him a little while to come to terms with.

    It's easy to speculate on why he has stopped talking to you, though the easiest answer would be to try and meet up and have a good honest and open chat about your feelings from BOTH sides. That way you'll end the conversation knowing where you both stand.

    • I totally get what you're saying, and you're right, I should talk to him... if only it was that easy. Your perspective in the male perspective in deeply appreciated! =)

    • No problem. Honesty is the best policy. You can tell it like it is, however I have once been into in a girl who was once interested, trust me it can be really hard to take. As long as you choose the right words he'll see sense but make it clear how much you value your friendship and that you don't want him to go anywhere. He may need more space but make him feel wanted and I'm sure it will come to a satisfactory end for you. Good luck :-)

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