Forced Relationship?

I really want to break up with my boyfriend. He says that he loves me and that if I leave him he will kill himself. I really care about him but he gets so jealous. He hit me once when he thought that I cheated on him with his brother. I'm worries that if I break up with him he will kill himself. He attempted suicide before. A few times while we were together. What should I do?


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  • Get out! You are going to get yourself hurt. Stop seeing this guy immediately. Talk to a trusted adult ie your school guidence counselor. If he becomes threatening to you or himself, call the police. This guy is dangerous, getting an order of protection may become necessary. In order to get an OOP, you need to be documenting everything. If he says something crazy to you, get a police report. This may sound a little overboard, but I have seen these things go wrong and wouldn't want that to happen to you.

    • Thanks😊 I'll try

    • Please, do better than try! I understand that it is difficult to approach an adult about this, but it's your safety here. Private message me if you like, I'll help you any way I can.

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  • Probably he's just telling you that to keep you around. He's jealous and probably very abusive because he hit you once only because he thought something that you didn't do. No, don't stay with a man like this. Break up, if he wants to kill himself it's not gonna be your fault.

    • But what if he does? It will be my fault.

    • It won't. Understand that when a person tries to kill itself no one can be blamed for that but the person who killed itself. Taking your own life is your resposibility only. No one has to give up on life because bad things happened, this isn't the way out. If he wants to do it, it's his fault.

    • OK. Thank you.

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  • It's not your fault if he kills himself. That's his choice. You shouldn't stay in a relationship out of guilt, or an abusive one, it's unhealthy for both of you. He needs help asap.


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