So confused don't know what to do?

Sorry long story please read really need answer. So me and my best friend ( girl not FwB) have know each other sine the 4th grade now we're seniors in high school since then we've bonded to the point where we know how each other feel and what we might be thinking. Anyway my ex girlfriend broke up with me 3 weeks ago from a year and a half of together. The week after that I felt depressed and didn't want to talk to anybody including my best friend. A few days later my best friend said she wanted to talk to me ( I guess she got tired of seeing me like this) we went outside and sat on a table. She asked me what was wrong. I told her I didn't want to talk about it. She said she wasn't going to leave until I told her. After a few minutes I told why I was so blue. She then asked have I ever thought about trying something new. I asked her what she meant. She said likening dating someone you never thought you would date. She had turned her head to the other way. I looked up at her and a OMG moment when she turned her head back I kissed her. She didn't resist. After being caught and told no PDA ( Public Display of Affection) she had a smile on her face. She then said I have been waiting for that for a long time. After a few minutes she said she had to go a class now and then kissed me. After she had left it took me a while to register what I had just did. This is going to sound bad and like I'm a mean person but ever since then I've been avoiding her she's came over to my house a few times to talk but when my mom came to tell me she was here I would pretend like I was asleep. I want her but then I keep questioning myself if I truly love her or I just kissed her because I was really depressed. I'm so confused and feel really bad. I just don't know if what I have for her is fake. PLEASE HELP what do you think I should do?


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  • Honestly , the one thing you didn't put into this long paragraph was how did you feel when she kissed you? If you liked it , if it felt good to you then yes you have something other then you being depressed. If it felt wrong then you may not. Dating a friend is a good and bad thing ! You know everything about her and she you , that is perfect. But it's hard not knowing her in a sexual way ! That's new to both of you. Girls aren't stupid she knows your avoiding her ! So stop !
    If she is honestly your best friend you let her in , you sit her down , and you tell her how you feel ! She made the first move you didn't... if this isn't something you want tell her now.
    If you don't know if you want this tell her that you just got out of a relationship and feelings can get fuzzy , I don't truly know if I feel the same for you or if I'm just depressed about my break up ! You can ask her to test the waters with this and make sure she knows that this is something your unsure about. Or you can just ask her to wait a little to center your feelings alone.
    All in all your friendship has changed its just you who chooses how right now.

    • I never really thought about how the kiss felt I just thought of what I just did and how she's liked me for long time.

    • Yeah she kind of surprised you with it ! But you need to know first if you enjoyed it ! If you can enjoy liking her in a different way then being friends ! Testing out the waters but with her knowing your not sure is something you can do ! But you need to realize is she opened a door that can't be closed.
      You either date her
      Or you don't
      Either way your "friendship" won't be the same.

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