What does this girl wants? Does she still loves me? Can I win back her heart?

I met this girl like 4 months ago and i was just looking for fun at that time but she was looking for a serious relationship.. She really liked me at the time was expecting a lot. I think she`s got hurt in the past.
But as i was just looking some fun i didn't treat her in a way that she d fall for me couse I didn't want her to get hurt and I think after couple of months her love shaded away.

But now i m really starting to fall in love with this girl and now i love her for bits. I still think she likes me and i want to make up for what i did and win back her love.. She said to me indirectly once that she`s scared to start a relationship with me coz she think she`ll get hurt eventually

Still she call me almost every night if I don`t call her. She says she wants me as friend and she says she care about me a lot. There are many other guys that are hitting her atm as well. When I ask her out she still come out with me and hold hands , go for dinner nights and all that (but we don`t get physical much like we used to)

The other day I gave her a boquet of flowers and suprised her and when we went out we kissed passionaltely but after kissing she asked me to forget her. She said she tried but didn`t feel anything.
Then she went home and called me and we talked again for an hour or two and then she said the same thing !

Couple of days ago I suprised her again took to dinner at a lovelybeach restaurant
& I begged her to give me 2 months to show how much I love her and to promised her that I d make her fall in love with me again ! I told her that if not i ll leave as i cannot be friends with her and also told her if she does`nt fall for me after two months i won't talk to her again and ill leave her alone.

SHe said she`ll think about it and refused to kiss me when we said good bye. But I think she loved the time we spent that day

Same day I got a chance to see
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*same day I got a chance to see her phone and it was had abou 10 photos of flowers I gave her the other day and a photo of the love note I gave hid inside them
sorry for bad grammar didn`t check it twice


Most Helpful Girl

  • I've been hurt by relationships as well. Physically and emotionally. I would love to have someone go the whole 10 yards to win me back. Tell her she's smart and beautiful, try to make her giggle. I think that she is trying to suppress her feelings because she thinks you will hurt her like you did. If you become super desperate you could leave this post open on your computer. Good luck kid.


Most Helpful Guy

  • she wants you to leave her alone. it's over. you blew it.


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  • You have a chance. Prove to her through actions how you feel. If you hurt her I can see why she's afraid to give you a chance. She has to have feelings to let you kiss her and take her out. Best of luck.


What Guys Said 1

  • seems you can get back with her


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