How to win back this girls heart?

I met this girl like 4 months ago & she was looking for a serious relationship.
She really liked me at the time was expecting a lot. I think she`s got hurt in the past.
But as i was just looking some fun i didn't treat her in a way that she d fall for me and I think after couple of months her love shaded away.

But now i m really starting to fall in love with this girl and now i love her for bits. i want to make up for what i did and win her back. She said to me indirectly once that she`s scared to start a relationship with me coz she think she`ll get hurt eventually

Still she calls me almost every night if I don`t call her. She says she wants me as friend and she says she care about me a lot. There are many other guys that are hitting her atm as well. When I ask her out she still come out with me, hold hands , go for dinner nights and all (but we don`t get physical much like we used to)

The other day I gave her a flowers and suprised her and when we went out we kissed passionaltely but after kissing she asked me to forget her. She said she tried but didn`t feel anything.
Then she went home and called me and we talked again for an hour or two and then she said the same thing !

Couple of days ago I suprised her again took to dinner at a lovelybeach restaurant
& I begged her to give me 2 months to show how much I love her and to promised her that I d make her fall in love with me again ! I told her that if she does`nt fall for me after two months i won't talk to her again and ill leave her alone.

SHe said she`ll think about it, refused to kiss me when we said good bye.

same day I got a chance to see her phone and it was had about 10 photos of flowers I gave her the other day and a photo of the love note I hid inside them. I also slipped a letter to her bag explaining why i ignored her in the past but how much she means to me now.

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Yesterday she called me again and we talked for more than 2 hours ! Then I asked the same question again whether she`d give me 2 months She said yes , then said bye and then hung up !


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  • I think you have slim chance but you have to work hard for her and win her back now because you betrayed her trust and better judgement.

    • Can you give some tips? If I ask her out more wil that make me look needy? isn't that a turn off? Then again i can't ignore her either, coz thats what I did in the past and thats how she got hurt..

      Now i have to show her that I love her without being needy

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  • Look bro. I am someone professional about love topics. I will talk to you honesty.

    1. She doesn't love you , but she has a good heart thats why she wants to keep you in her hand as a friens. i think she is doing it to get your support to forget her bad days about her past. I saw many of girl who is doing such.
    2. Just leave her and find someone else. Love is always possible in everywhere and in every body.
    3. Love will end in the 2.5 years. Bcz its love. Love has a limit. whatever you do your love will end in this 2.5 years. I tried and saw the result.
    4. NEVER BE SAD BCZ OF LOVE. I know its difficult for you to accept it but. Its such bro. You will juat lose your time if you be sad for love. Just find someone who is so respectfull to you + who has a good character. At least copy of you. I meant smilar like you :))

    Good luck for your happyness.
    Important is family , money, respect. Love is a bad toy which destroy our life all the time. I call it sweet poison.


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  • Have you ever googled the "win your ex back... no contact rule?" Try it

  • You have a chance. She's thinking

  • Sorry, I don't think you have a chance with her

    • then why she`s having photos of flowers i gave her on her phone? there were like 10 of them.. and couple of photos of the love note i gave her... ALso she calls me everyday and do baby talk for hours.. Also last two dates were the only times i made any effort and made them romantic...(previous dates were when i wasn`t in love with her)

  • Most probably no! Sorry

    • then why she keeps calling me when I clearly said I don`t want her as a friend? You reckon she`s trying to play me? or because she sympathize me or something?

      What i can't understand is why does she has 10-15 photos of flowers and the love note i gave her? Is that normal for a girl?

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