13-15 years olds dating?

I have a cousin who goes to the same school as me and we're really close, she told me that she really likes this guy. Which I'm totally fine with, except the fact he's in year nine. I'm pretty sure he likes her too but I dont fully know. I get worried because I see him skipping classes a lot with his mates doing god knows what. She might end up doing what he does, which would be really bad for her.

So if they dated would that be too much of an age difference? She's in year seven and he's in year nine, I'm pretty sure he's still 14 but he turns 15 soon, I think. I see her flirting with him a lot and he flirts back, she looks up to me a lot so she takes my advice frequently, except I have no advice this time.

Like what if they have sex and she gets pregnant? I'm pretty sure I'm getting really worked up about this but I don't know if it's a reasonable age gap or not. Like he will be legal in a few years and she will still be 16 so that could be problematic.

I have multiple bad situation scenarios built up in my head if they date but I can't think of any good scenarios. I can't stop her from who she dates but I need to help her with this, I just don't want any mistakes happening.

They very obviously like eachother and will soon be a thing, they already have a ship name, Esh. So I just need to give her a warning because he isn't one of the 'good' kids but he isn't apart of the 'bad' group either, so I don't have any warnngs or advice for that either.

I can't stop her dating and her decisions, but I really do worry about her and advice is what she needs.


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  • If he's one of those guys, I can't imagine anything good would come out of her going out with him. Just try to show her what's wrong with him. Maybe find out what sort of results he gets in tests, and show her how bad he's doing. Anyway, if I was in year 9, I would NOT be going out with a year 7.

    ... Pay no attention to that BRUIN037 guy, sorry about him :/

    • Thanks for MHO!
      I would have replied earlier but I've been away for a few days :)

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  • Just dating is absolutely fine within a 2 year gap but you need to address the issue of sex with her. I don't know what's the legal age in your state but she should wait at least till she's 16. Personally, I don't think high school kids ( I am one myself lol) should be going past third base and having sex because the whole risk of pregnancy, STDs etc. is pretty big and I don't think its worth it. Plus, they are emotionally vulnerable and hardly anybody is happy with their decision when they grow up. Anyway, she can do what she wants but warn her that dating older guys at this age always come with risks. Thats all you can do.


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