What does it mean if you don't ever have a crush on anyone?

Like that person never ever had a crush or it's very very rare to happen.
Most people around my age have at least 3-5 crushes per year but what if you don't ever have a crush on anyone? Is that weird?
by the way that person is not asexual for sure.


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  • There exists several routes of sexuality
    including something called "demisexual"

    A demisexual won't easily get crushes, or fall for people
    as they need a closer emotional connection first.

    If that person isn't asexual, he/she could have a low drive
    or perhaps be the above mentioned, demisexual.

    Does that sound right? ^.^

    • Of course, the person could as well simply not
      be around the people, they prefer..

      That could also be the case.

    • I don't know... It's actually more like you don't see anyone you find attractive, you see lots of beautiful and handsome people but there's always a thing missing about them

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  • My best friend used to be like that. She had this one huge crush and nobody ever after for years.. until another guy came along who was almost as awesome as the first crush. Maybe you're demisexual.


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  • It just means the person doesn't easily fall for anyone

  • this means that person is really mature, I think only teenagers should develop crushes...


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  • i think that its perfectly normal... that's not weird at all


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