What do you think is the reason my ex wrote to me on fb? Is it really what he says or just jealousy?

So a day before yesterday I went to a club with my friends, which are also Matt's friends (my ex). One of them likes my best friend and they invited her too. So we went to the club with Damon's car (he's Matt's best friend) and had a lot of fun and all. But later in the club two guys approached me and Tia (my best friend). I noticed one of them the moment I entered the room and he kept staring at me, but didn't approach because I was with my guy friends and he asumed that I had a boyfriend. So the deal is that me and Tia hanged out with them a lot since we liked them and we also went to another club with them, but of course invited Damon and the others with us as well, though they wouldn't come so they left without us.
The next day they were 'upset' because we went there together and then we went off with others and I get that. But then again, when I go to a club etc. I hang out with a lot of people and there's no guarantee that I will stay with the same group of people the whole night. I mingle with everyone. So then my ex Matt texted me on facebook and called me and Tia stupid because we did that. I explained myself and all, but he was still mean, so I told him that I don't want to have any contact with him what so ever and that he shouldn't argue with me about things that have nothing to do with him. I mean he wasn't even with us!! He should have been but he wasn't ''in the mood'' of going. Was it jealousy, because I went off with someone else and that's why he texted me? He said that he's just saying things that Damon is afraid to say. Do you really think that that's the reason? Plus I unfriended him because I was so angry and I won't let anyone call me stupid for no reason. Especially not him!


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