Girls, why is my girlfriend so overprotective?

We're both 16 but she's older than me by a few months, I don't want to ask her this question this face to face because she's going to get angry at me. So first, she wants to know who I'm talking to, she doesn't let me like other girl's photos on Instagram and she took my phone away just because I follow tumblr girls on Facebook... or Tumblr :p. There was also this time where she gave me hickeys in sophomore year and told me not to hide it or cover it up so everyone could see. We've been dating for about 2 weeks now, so yeah. Any help?


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  • Well that's definitly cause she doesn't want anyone taking you or she doesn't want risking that you like another girl or something the only thing you can do other than tell her , show her that you love/like her enough so you won't look at other girls and also you're at the beginnig of the relation so just wait a few more weeks


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