Girls, I have a question about a girl I danced with at a dance?

So at a school dance this girl asked to me to dance with her and I said yeah so she started grinding on me and then we made out and she gave me her number and so I texted her but when I asked if it was her through text the person told me I had the wrong number. Do you think she gave me the wrong number on purpose or on accident because she looked really in to me that night?


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  • She probably gave you the wrong number. You won't just forget your "own" phone number like that especially if she was "really" interested in you. I think she simply just wanted to have a good time and that was all, but you seem like a nice guy though. I know you can find another sweet girl☺!

    • Thanks, i talked to a friend about it and he has her number and he told me she put a 6 instead of a nine so she messed up on one number so could it have been an accident right?

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    • Thanks for your help.

    • You welcome and anytime😉☺!

  • Could be either of what you said. Maybe just ask her when you see her again. If she sounds uninterested then she probably gave you a wrong number on purpose or she was just interested in gettig close with you at the dance.


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