What do these dreams mean? Am I just lonely, or are feelings just randomly surfacing?

This may sound a little weird since I'm asking about a dream, but I don't know what to think of it so here goes. Lately I've been having dreams about a girl I graduated high school with but haven't seen since the beginning of the summer before my freshman year of college, we have also never had a romantic or anything near romantic type of relationship, we were always friends. I am currently a sophomore. These dreams either start out at a random restaraunt at dinner which then progresses to a night out, or us laying in bed with me caressing her and stroking her hair or occasionally kissing, and kind of just gazing into her eyes with a smile on my face, never in the dreams do we have sex, just cuddling and kissing/me holding her and dozing off in and out during the dream, yet still waking up with her there ( I don't even know how you can sleep within a dream) and it kind of weirds me out that I can feel her body, the weight of her on my arm, and the feel of her lips touching mine, I guess I'm not used to having hyperrealistic dreams. Then the dream progresses and we fly to australia ( I have no idea why australia) and then get on a bus to get to our respective hotels, which turns out to be the same one. Overall the dreams are very intimate and romantic, and then I usually wake up. Now don't get me wrong, she's one of the most beautiful humans I've ever met but nothing could ever work between us because we go to college in separate states now, but I would appreciate some of y'alls views on what this dream could mean.


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  • Something very spiritual is happening. Read about soulmates

    • could you be a little bit more specific?

    • Just poke around and see what you mind find out about soulmates and telepathy

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