Where Do You Meet the Men/Women You'd Like to Fancy?

Some people will only meet a person face-to-face, others like to be hooked up via friends/relatives, while others are masters at Tinder and Okcupid. How do you meet the people you fancy?


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  • When I go out with my friends I try to see if I can find anyone I fancy but I don't go out much so because of that I have joined the Tinder thing and so far it has been working out great for me and I have been meeting new guys. Nothing major has happened yet but I have been meeting more guys which is a good thing.

    • You and I are at the exact same point in life lol

    • @Asker

      Awesome! At least we're not alone. There are plenty of people out there struggling to find people and chances to meet others.

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  • I meet them in my school hallway, class, park, mall, a store right near where I live.

    Lol. Etc etc.

  • By talking to them in person is better, it is how you know the person in real life.


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