How do I approach a girl for the first time? (high school)?

So I started talking to this girl that goes to my high school on social media but I never talked with her in person. She's in one of my classes but she's always with with her friend. How would I approach her without soundng creepy? I was thinking of saying this: "Hey are you the girl I met on fb? my name is..." is this a good way of approaching her? what should I say?


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  • Yeah that's a good way to approach her. You can also consider maybe going up to her and asking her something about the class or something school related if you want to go that route. But your suggestion sounds just as good. After you said that just wait for her reply and take it from there.


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  • I don't think you should say that unless you want to sound creepy, lonely, and desperate. You should just say a simple hey/hi and afterwards give her a compliment on something "you" think looks nice on her or just looks good in general. I'm sure she'll be quick to smile back and say thanks, right😉? Good luck☺!


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