Why could my girlfriend be acting all rude to me, I don't think I did anything wrong, she won't really tell me so what can I do?

I didn't so anything wrong really. Last week she was on her period but i made sure to comfort her. The ONLY thing i did was i talkesd to this girl on facebook about school and it then the girl asked if i was ok with getting some coffee so i did. This happend 3 days ago. I told my girlfriend after then she was actually ok with it. So I don't know if she is ok or was it that?

Ladies have you ever acting like this lol?
Anyone give some advise?


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  • She said she was ok with you going for a coffee with a girl that goes to school with you? HIGHLY POSSIBLE chance dude, that she really didn't want you to go, but said yes anyways.

    Good chance man, she wasn't cool with it.

    I'm not like that, if i'm not cool with something, i'll speak up about it with my boyfriend.

    • I'll talk with her today

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    • Yeah she was pissed cause i told her after the fact and she said it wasn't nice of me. Next time i will tell her first. I though she was cool with it cause i trsut her and i would be cool with it. Next time i will ask her first. I dont want to ruin my relationship with my girlfriend cause i really love her

    • That's really sweet. Good luck

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