Should I invite my soon to be ex to my birthday party?

So we are currently in a dissolving relationship that has lasted for two years. There is no hatred towards eachother, but I'm losing all attraction to her and she knows it. She gave me the option to end it anytime I want and we will go our separate ways with no hurt feelings towards each other. My birthday is coming up and I have begun to invite people to my party, but I don't know if i should invite her because I'm planning on breaking up with her, but if I don't it can make everything go to hell. What should I do?
  • Invite her.
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  • Don't invite her, it will be awkward if you break up before the party.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Why put a damper on the Party by being a Party Pooper?
    Invite her.. You both have been in this long term relationship for a long time, and by Inviting her, shows Respect, and perhaps as well, you both do share the same friends here, dear.
    However, when the lights come back on and the lamp shade is returned to its base, then decide When to cut the ties and say The party s over to her face.
    If you both end up friends, then this would even be a party favor in your birthday hat.
    Good luck and happy birthday. xx


Most Helpful Guy

  • Break up before your party since your party seems that important.


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  • I feel like no... Especially if you're going to break up.


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