Girls, what's the perfect guy? What do you want / need?


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  • He has to trust and respect the girl.

    • They like guys that are funny and care about them. For example, my best friend's boyfriend actually began to know her by introducing himself to her. She didn't had any guy, he was the first one and he knew. He began to take her out to lunch while we were in college. Everyday, he would wait for her when she got out of class, and they were still friends when he began doing that. He started to helped her with and college work she need because he already had taken some of those courses. He was nice to everyone and he didn't ignore her. He also hanged around us, her friends in a group and for them it was cool. They built a bond that was basically trust and respect. They would have time to spend together and they would have their own time. And now they are happy together.

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