Do I have a right to be skeptical of my GF's best friend?

I'm bothered by how they act around each other and I know they have been friends for 6 years but I still get jealous. Like she will jokingly punch his chest and talk about drama in their Old HS friend group and I know I trust her but I don't trust him. We went out to eat on Saturday and she he texted her which is fine but my issue is she texted him back and said its important. I have female friends but I don't ever text them back when on a date with my girlfriend. We have been together for about 9 months and I'm bothered by how he acts around her.


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  • Tell her your fine with her having friends but the way she acts around him when your around is unacceptable. Also that texting during a date is rude and ask her how she'd like it if you did that. Tell her you trust her but play punching and being physical with him infront of you makes you feel small.
    You don't want to be that boy friend that makes her cut ties with people she knew. Also ask her if she'd like you to talk to him.

    • Obviously if she can't respect that then she being disrespectful. Don't be that guy who makes her lose all her guy friends. At the same time be vigilant of other guys... because we are guys we know we probably deep down inside want to sleep with other people's girls. But I mean in reality play fighting is border like flirting and I would feel disrespected and shitty if she did that in front of me. She might not be mature enough for a relationship

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  • Tell her that you want distance between them.


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  • Your being insecure and jealous. If they were going to do something I'm sure they would have any of the years before you came along. None of the things you said seem as a cause of concern.

    • Well I may be that's why I asked but is texting on a date rude. It's bothers me how close they really are cause they text constantly.

    • I think the texting constantly is rude, not from a jealous standpoint just in it's more of your time thing. A text here or their is ok but you should be the primary focus. That I think you have a valid point in.

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