I have been taking to this guy on tinder since the summer please help?

So i am always the one to make fun of tinder and i just got it for entertainment. I'm a sophomore in college and i ended up matching with this guy form my hometown. we actually started talking and we had similar interests. we have been texting for a couple months now, but we have never met. he asked me on a date and i i didn't know him that well at the time, so i said no. I'm starting to actually really like him. he added me on Facebook. he's sarcastic, funny, witty, respects me but at the same time teases the shit out of me, and he gets me. He goes to a school in california and i go in the midwest. i have always been so against dating sites because i always like when things happen when u least expect them, but we are so similar its crazy. we are form the same area. is it weird to like someone that i have never met in person? is it weird to want to date someone form tinder? I'm nineteen years old and would appreciate some advice :)


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  • in today's world it isn't weird. However you need to be careful if you do meet him. And you need to guard your heart. People can be very different behind the screen than they are when in front of it. So just take your time if you do meet him.. and guard your heart carefully.


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